Improv at Work! 

"The team really enjoyed the improv of Tuesday night and the activities on Wednesday. Your message of "Yes..and" and "Building a Castle" resonated with them and supported our goals of the meeting. Take a risk and know you'll be supported by your team."

-Joan T. Bowyer, VP of Midwest Area Customer Service

Verizon Wireless

"Thank you so much for facilitating our Leadership Team Builder. Our Leaders had a great time!"

-Sage Gibson, Sr. Analyst CSO

Verizon Wireless

"Not only did DareDevil get everyone smiling and laughing, but they were able to help 'break the ice' between several independent teams that were beginning to work together more closely. I highly recommend you consider engaging DareDevil Improv for a fun night out or your next corporate team-building exercise."

-Ben Barish, Senior Mgr.

SAS Institute, Inc.

"DareDevil Improv was brought in the first night as an ice-breaker to get the group bonding. They did an excellent job getting the team laughing and interacting with each other, letting go of any awkwardness. Everyone was surprised at how thoroughly they enjoyed themselves. I highly recommend DareDevil Improv for any corporate team building event."

-Keena Kang, Marketing Manager

Romer Labs

We know that he best way to learn is when you're having fun, and our workshops create an entertaining and stress-free training experience.

Our unique approach helps teams and organizations:

  • Develop Soft Skills

  • Unlock Innovation

  • Improve Feedback Flow

  • People Operations Design

  • Learn to lead with Humor

  • Build Emotional Intelligence


DareDevil Improv workshops can be customized to fuse our improv principles and practices into the desired content for your team. 

Let's begin the conversation:

  • Workshops and Training sessions are customizable

  • We travel! (additional fees may apply)