New workshop!
Creating characters for stage, screen, and vo booth

A Workshop with TV/Animation Actor Kat Palardy

(UCB Mainstage, New Girl, TrollsTopia)

LA-based character comedian/actor Kat Palardy will help you build a character that will open doors in this playful and exploratory workshop.


This 3-hour workshop uses journal prompts, interviews and improvised scenework to find a strong physicality, point of view, and world for your character.

Q&A about tv/animation acting in LA to follow.

Wednesday, August 4th

6:30-9:30 pm


*Limited Space Available*


Kat was recently named one of Just For Laughs’ “New Faces of Comedy” for her characters and musical impressions, and is excited to be taking them on the road! Her characters- cultivated in the Chicago, New York, and LA improv/sketch scene - have been seen on TV shows like New Girl, Brooklyn 99, The Pete Holmes Show, and Superstore, as well as heard in animated roles for Nickelodeon, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Cartoon Network. She particularly loves to play confident-idiots-who-also-sing, and is currently stoked to be playing a confident idiot - her first series regular- for an animated Netflix show!

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Shows! Shows! Shows!
Thursday August 5th
the funny funny-one show!

Fresh Stand-up Comedy to fire up your summer!  This month's edition of our live show features actress/comedian/voice-over artist Kat Palardy (New Girl, The Pete Holmes Show, Brooklyn 99) alongside a madcap array of Wilmington's finest stand-up comedians!

The Hopyard Wilmington

108 Grace St.



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