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Wilmington's finest Comedy classes are back!

 Our comedy classes teach you the skills to become:

- a better listener!

- a funnier person!

- a fearless storyteller!

- a great human!

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**All in-person classes are held in a safe and sanitized environment!**

(That way you're safe and having a great time!)

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Stand-up Comedy Class

This 4-week class will prepare you to grab the mic and bring the house down in Wilmington's dynamic stand-up comedy scene.  Learn to craft jokes and hone your comedic voice with instruction and guidance from local comics with over 20 years of stage experience!

Improv At Work

Can Improv Comedy really help my business?  Absolutely!


The same principles and practices we use as an improv ensemble can have a tremendous effect on the communication and creativity of your workplace.


Applied improvisation is a training approach that moves beyond simple lecture style to engage and challenge your team, managers, and employees while having fun!


What We Offer: 

Corporate Training - Creativity Workshops - Content Enhancement -

Live Comedy Events


daredevil improv

comes to Wilmington to create a lasting tradition of live spontaneous theatre and comedy. Improvisation is our tool for creating vibrant, visceral, and contemporary arts and entertainment.


Improv is not just a performance tool for actors and musicians, but for folks from all walks of life. In our classes, students learn not only the techniques and skills that make successful improvisers, but also the confidence and grace that make successful people.

     So sign up for classes!

     Be fearless!

     Be a DareDevil.