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wilmington's finest comedy classes

DareDevil Improv comedy classes aren't just for comedians.

They're for anyone looking to add more joy and humor to their life, anyone who wants to tap into their creativity, anyone who wants to live a more confident and connected life.

Anyone looking for their funny place... and comedians!


Improv Comedy 101

This introductory class covers all the basics of improvisation technique to improve your confidence, collaboration, and communication skills.



Improv Comedy 202

Explore short format and scenic improv games. Learn the fundamentals of creating hilarious characters and comedic storytelling.

*End-of-course Performance!*




Improv Comedy 303

Intro to Longform Improvisation!

Explore new scene and performance structures to create memorable characters and improve your storytelling based on audience suggestions.

8 weeks


Improv Comedy 404

Dive deeper into Long Form Improv as your ensemble explores improvising  a unique format to debut at the Dead Crow Improv Show!

*End-of-course Performance!*

8 weeks


Improv Comedy Level 404.JPG
Thanks Khemours Sketch Comedy_edited_edited.png

Sketch Comedy Writing 101 - online

Learn the fundamentals, the tricks, the ...

timing of sketch comedy!

Chad Fogland brings his extensive experience with The Groundlings, UCB LA, and The Second City to

teach you how to craft a comedy sketch for the stage, YouTube, home and possibly more!

6 weeks


sketch comedy writing 202

This professional writer's room simulation focuses on expanding your sketch library and writing skills as you co-write a sketch comedy revue with your class.

*End-of-course Performance!*



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