which class should i take?

Are you a closet comedian looking for a way to face the fear of getting onstage for that 1st open mic? Or a comedian looking to sharpen your skills?

Check out our Stand-up comedy class!

Are you creative and outgoing and looking for a way to meet new people? Or introverted and need to get out of your parents basement for a couple of hours?


Check out our Improv Comedy classes!

Are you the one who can quote every line from Bridesmaids, watch SNL every week, and secretly always wished you could star on Nickelodeon's All That?

Check out our Sketch comedy classes!

Are you a Corporate CEO, Kathy from HR, or  the manager of a local taqueria looking for a great team-builder to welcome your team back into the workforce?

Check out our Improv At Work!

Are you a Russian operative looking to subvert American democracy via our thriving comedy scene?

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This introductory class covers the building blocks of comedic improvisation. Improve your confidence, collaboration, and communication skills.

Come play!

6 weeks - $125 USD


Continue to build upon the foundations of creating comedy as we explore short-form and scenic improv games!

Learn the fundamentals of creating hilarious characters and comedic storytelling.

6 weeks - $125 USD


Explore the creation of your very own improv comedy show based on audience suggestions.

Strengthen your character creation and storytelling!

6 weeks - $125 USD


Hone your comedic voice!

This class guides you through different improvised and classic comedy formats to help you and your ensemble create a unique comedy performance!

6 weeks - $125 USD


 In this class you will learn fundamentals, the tricks, the ...timing of sketch comedy and by the end you will know how to craft a comedy sketch for stage, YouTube, home and possibly more! You will write- You must write! If you don't leave this class without at least 5 comedy sketches, then you must have missed a class. 

6 weeks - $125 USD


Instructor - Chad Fogland


This action-packed comedy intensive brings over 20 years of Stand-Up experience to your routines!

In this class you will explore techniques to craft jokes and full sets. You will also explore different styles and comedy perspectives to help you hone your voice!

Instructor -Steve Marcinowski

4 weeks - $100


This 3-hour writer's room simulation focuses on expanding your sketch library and writing skills as you co-write sketches with your classmates.

This class culminates in the production and recording of one of your sketches!

5 weeks - $125 USD


Instructor - Chad Fogland


Need a fun-filled celebration to welcome your team back to the office?


Looking for a dynamic and engaging team-builder?

How about a hilarious 'Lunch-and-Learn'?

Hourly, half-day, and full-day workshops available.

Contact us to learn how improv can help your team succeed!