Daredevil Improvcomes to Wilmington to help create a lasting tradition of live spontaneous theatre and comedy in southeastern NC. It's focus will be to teach others to use improvisation for creating vibrant, visceral, and contemporary arts and entertainment.


Improv as a performance really took hold in American comedy culture thanks to dedicated visionaries like Viola Spolin, Del Close, Keith Johnstone, and numerous others. In Chicago, upon the founding of The Second City, improv found it's place as an avenue for satire, comedy, and artistic expression. All the while launching the careers of most of the household names in modern comedy. (Murray, Fey, Pohler, Meyers, Farley, Belushi, Key, Peele, Colbert, etc.)

And DareDevil Improv brings that spirit and knowledge down to the Port City for the first time!


Improv is not just a performance tool for actors and musicians, but for folks from all walks of life. In our classes, students learn not only the techniques and skills that make successful improvisers, but also the confidence and grace that make successful people.

     So sign up for classes!

     Be fearless!

     Be a DareDevil.


adrian monte

Adrian trained at The Second City, iO Chicago, and The Annoyance Theatre. During his tenure in Chicago, he wrote and performed numerous sketch comedy revues at Donny's Skybox Theatre at Second City. He also performed the "Harold" weekly with Rumpus and the Beelzebuddies, two iO Chicago house teams.


In Atlanta, GA, he taught and performed at The Village Theatre with the stand out show, Salon du Shoguns. Now he's back in Wilmington, where he co-founded the comedy group, The Other Side, and ready to help guide you on your creative journey!



Chad Fogland

Chad Fogland is an Andy Kaufman Award finalist and graduate of the Groundlings, the Upright Citizens Brigade and Second City. He spent 20 years performing and writing in the Los Angeles Underground Comedy Scene, having been a part of dozens of sketch comedy shows featured at the before mentioned comedy theaters there in LA and beyond. Former shows he has been associated with include "The Pretty Okay Ho-hum Spectacular on Ice!", "The Midnight Show", "Comedy Bang Bang" and "The Tomorrow Show" among others.

 "We will be absolutely fearless..."  -del close