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What is improvisation?

Improvisation is the act of creating something from "nothing".  Everyone improvises, musicians, athletes, politicians caught with a "gotcha" question, children with their hands in the cookie jar, etc. We use improvisation to create hilarious comedy shows every week. With our classes, you can use improvisation to be more creative, confident, and a better communicator.

What comedy classes do you offer?

DareDevil Improv Comedy brings professional instructors from LA, Chicago, and NYC to offer the finest Improv Comedy, Sketch Comedy Writing, Stand Up Comedy, and Improv Comedy for Kids classes!

How do I find out about classes?

We are always offering our great comedy classes, and the best way to find out more info is to sign up for our NEWSLETTER.  You can also follow us on all the socials: @daredevilimprovcomedy

How do I sign up for classes?

Simply click on our REGISTRATION page at the top.  Or press this button:

Do you teach classes for kids?

Yes!  We usually teach an Improv Comedy for Kids class 4 times a year. The kids class ends with a performance as part of our monthly Ready, Set..Go! show so you can see your star shine onstage!

How can Improv help my business?

Our DareDevil at Work team-building sessions help create a culture of collaboration and creativity at your workplace. Our customized improv sessions also develop stronger communication amongst teams and leadership. Contact us and we can begin developing your next amazing team building session today!

Do you have comedy shows?

Check out our weekly flagship show, The Dead Crow Improv Show, each Wednesday at 8pm at the Dead Crow Comedy Room 511 N 3rd St.

The last Saturday of each month we offer the area's only family-friendly comedy show for kids, The Ready, Set..Go! Show at 2pm. Also- held at the Dead Crow Comedy Room.

Our professional comedians are also available for hire for special events, holiday parties, corporate retreats, emcee services, etc!

What is your refund policy?

Once a class session begins, we are unable to refund the registration fee. We will gladly extend a credit for a future class if the student cannot attend. 

If you are unsure if our comedy classes are right for you, you can drop-in to our classes and check them out for $40/class.

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